‘The Game of Dance’, acrylic and felt pens on paper, 65 x 46 cm, 2013

Artist: Nicole Lefranc

FR-LArche_LOlivier-Nicole_Lefranc-Photo_2“I was born in Normandy in 1948 and I’ve travelled. When I went to India I saw poverty and met faithful friends; I was really touched. I now draw and paint because that’s my project, my desire. I enjoy painting and I’m proud of what I do. There’s joy, it’s like a dance.”

Jury Panel
Click here to read a reflection by Birgitta Nordström.

L’Arche L’Olivier (Bruz, France)


  1. Carl MacMillan
    December 3, 2014

    Dear Nicole,

    I love your art – the colours, the shapes, the house at the center. It’s very beautiful to me. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Cher Nicole,

    J’aime votre art – les colours, les forms, la maison a la centre. C’est tres belle pour moi. Merci pour partager votre travaille avec nous.

    Carl MacMillan
    L’Arche Daybreak

  2. Hazel Delfina Chang
    December 8, 2014

    Dear Nicole,
    Nothing is better than doing what you desire!
    I share your joy in your art… thank you!

    Hazel Delfina Chang
    The Rock Foundation
    Hong Kong