Artist: Marie-Thérèse Brun

FR-LArche_Le_Sycomore-Marie_Thérèse-_Brun-PhotoMarie-Thérèse et Nathalie:
17 December 2013

N : “Can you introduce yourself to the people who will be seeing your painting and do not know you?”
MT : “Yes”
N : “What is your name?”
MT : “My name is Marie-Thérèse Brun. I was born on 10th March 1958 in Chambéry. I have a twin sister, Patricia.”
N : “Where do you live?”
MT : “I’ve been living at the Sycamore community since September 2011.”
N : “What do you like doing?”
MT : “At Sycamore, I like making candles and helping everybody, I like laying the table. I have friends, both male and female. I like decorating the tree to make it look pretty.”

N : “Can you tell us about your painting?”

MT : “It is beautiful.”

N : “Do you know why it is beautiful?”
MT : “I’ve used colours: pink, brown, purple, red, green, orange, light green, dark blue, light blue and yellow.”
N : “Why did you choose these colours?”
MT : “To bring out one colour you use another colour: for yellow, there is white.”
N : “What did you think about when you were painting?”
MT : “It comes into my head straightaway how I’m going to paint it.”

L’Arche Le Sycamore (La Ravoire, France)