Artist: Angeline Brassens

FR-LArche_Paris-Angeline_Brassens-PhotoFor the last two years, Angeline Brassens has been taking part in the painting workshops organised by the Daytime Activities Centre at L’Arche Paris. She has become very involved there: “For me, it’s a way of expressing what I feel. My first large canvas was of a tree but I didn’t want the tree to look too happy. I wanted to express what I felt about my disability and my desire to be like other people and have dreams. What’s also good is that this painting has been sold at an auction in aid of L’Arche Paris.  This new canvas, where I’ve chosen to make the background fluorescent pink, is of a tree in spring. The idea is to express the things that make me happy as well.”

Angeline, who is an astonishingly courageous young woman, shows us several large, very colourful paintings, covered in symbols. The way she works on her canvas, with a trembling yet determined hand, speaks to us of the perseverance that is her fundamental strength.

L’Arche Paris (Paris, France)