Reflection by Jacquie Boughner

Posted on Sep 18, 2014
Kouka, 'Untitled", Nongr Maasem, Burkina Faso

Rouama Kouka Gildas, ‘Untitled’, Nongr Maasem, Burkina Faso
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Artist: Rouama Kouka Gildas
Title: ‘Untitled’

Kouka presents a group of people all in a similar, frontal, universal similarity of pose and expression. But individually each person has a different pose, colourful dress, and expressions in the details. This is a view of humanity that holds diversity in unity, solidarity in trust. It is a picture of hope and joy from an observant and generous heart.

Jacquie Boughner 
Jacquie Boughner as a professional artist has exhibited in Canada and abroad. As an art consultant she has curated public and private art exhibitions including several for L’Arche in Canada. She is a member of the L’Arche International Stewardship Board and a member of L’Arche Daybreak.