Welcome to the Jubilee Art Gallery! And what a feast of talent from across the federation of L’Arche worldwide! I invite you to take your time relishing each painting, letting it speak to you, draw you in … It will be worth your while I promise you.
~ Hazel Bradley – L’Arche International Jubilee Coordinator


The L’Arche 50th Jubilee On-Line Art Exhibition website offers a window into the creative gifts of L’Arche artists throughout the world – a platform for the voice of the person with an intellectual disability to articulate the gift of L’Arche through their artistic talents in engaging, beautiful visual expressions.

Enjoy the L’Arche 50th Jubilee Art Exhibition – it is beyond anything we could have hoped for or imagined!

~ Jacquie Boughner - L’Arche International 50th Jubilee On-line Art Exhibition Curator

To navigate the website:

Home Page: Click on Main Gallery to view all the paintings. The exhibition is divided into International regions: Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania and into countries in the list of artists.

Click on each painting to see the artist’s documentation and link to their home community. Don’t forget to leave a message!

Click on the L’Arche logo to return to the Home page. English and French links are found on lower left.

About L’Arche: For more information about L’Arche and Jean Vanier click on links.

A Message from Jean Vanier: In video and text Jean Vanier reminds us that ‘painting is a song of the heart’.

Jury Panel: Internationally recognized artists and curators were invited to select one painting and write a reflection on their choice. Click on painting to view L’Arche artist’s documentation. Click on Jury artist’s website to view their biography.

Reflections on L’Arche Art: These articles discuss L’Arche art as a source of inspiration.

L’Arche Community Resources: Resources for local L’Arche artshows are available as a downloadable Jubilee Art Exhibition Brochure and all the Jubilee Art Exhibition artists’ paintings, biographies and photographs are downloadable for display.  In the Community Selection Process, four communities describe the selection process for their paintings.

Copyright of participating artists
Each artist owns and retains the copyright of the image of their art work. The L’Arche communities are permitted to reproduce the art work images within the context and purpose of the L’Arche International On-Line Art Exhibition and for L’Arche events by members of the L’Arche International Federation. For use outside of the L’Arche International Federation copyright permission will have to be negotiated with the artist directly.

Regarding sales of the artworks: inquiries are directed to the local community website posted with each painting.

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