Reflection by Michel Bouchard

Posted on Sep 22, 2014
"Look at yourself in the mirror" Alizé Workshop (Collective work)

‘Look at yourself in the mirror’
Alizé Workshop (Collective work), L’Arche Montreal, Canada

Artist:  (Collective work) Alizé Workshop Artists: Kathy Nolan, Francine Robert, Gaétan Thibeault, Marie-Paule Villeneuve, Monique Therrien, Jadwiga Lukasik, Robert Kane, Daniel Jodoin, Madeleine Ellis, Michel Bouchard, Annie Charbonneau, Madeleine Charbonneau, Joanne Parent

Title:’Look at yourself in the mirror’ 

When I look at this work that everybody from the workshop has worked on together, I feel happy and it’s as if my heart is open. It’s nice to look at and really not boring. There’s plenty of action and the colours are vibrant and wonderful. As you can see in this painting, we’re all different and we don’t have the right to make fun of others, it doesn’t get you anywhere.

When you bring lots of different people together, I think it makes something beautiful.

I’m proud of our work and happy to have participated.

Michel Bouchard is 60 and from L’Arche Montreal, Canada. He has been at L’Arche for 41 years. He likes playing cards and telling jokes. He is a very welcoming man, who is always positive and in a good mood.