‘Tulips’, watercolour on paper, 15.3×21 cm, 2011

Artist:Vasyl Kodra

UA-LArche_Kovcheh-Vasyl_Kodra-PhotoVasyl is 40 years old. He was born in Lviv and lives with his parents. This summer he lost his mother. For 10 years he has visited our workshop called “Dreamers”. He is a very active and engaging young man. As a real artist he does everything with inspiration. Very often he pleases us with his clever sayings: “I have never seen God but I think He doesn’t have any nationality and I coming to Church to be with my friends because it’s a big thing to be with your friends.”

L’Arche Kovcheh (Ukraine)

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  1. Mary Ann Zarnick
    May 5, 2015

    Your artwork is lovely and truly brighten my day. I love your message about God. It shows us how much love he has for all of us.