‘Untitled’, collage, 500 x 635 mm, 2002/2003

Artist:Slavko Škerl

SI-Skupnost_Barka-Slavko_Skerl-PhotoSlavko was born on 26.09.1969 in Ljubljana. He arrived in the Slovenian community on 24.04 1997 because, following the death of his parents, he no longer had any close relatives. Slavko has been mute from birth.

He mainly takes part in the activities organised by the occupational workshop. In the course of his first five years in the community, he discovered that he had a gift for drawing, painting, decoupage and combining different colours. Today, Slavko and the different assistants who pass through the occupational workshop are continually discovering new variations on his work as an artist.

He also helps to create shows, putting on performances with his friends in different Slovenian cities. Slavko has shown his works in two exhibitions.

L’Arche Društvo Barka, (Solvenia)