‘Noah’s Ark’, Colored markers, 8.5 “x 11 “, 2011

Artist: Daniel Jensen

US-LArche_Clinton-Daniel_Jensen-PhotoDan began his journey with L’Arche Clinton in 1989 moving into our community’s first home, Arch 1. Dan’s desire was to have the opportunity to live more independently in the community and this was a reality for Dan moving into his own apartment in 2002. Dan works in a sheltered workshop where he has the opportunity to participate in special activities as part of the Day Habilitation program. Dan knows and loves cars and has an extensive collection of Hotwheels, Nascars and other cars. He can identify every car he sees. Dan loves to be active and spend time with his friends. He can choose and participate in a variety of activities through The Arch (L’Arche Clinton) and other organizations in the area. He also accesses the Clinton community by walking there or riding the city bus.

L’Arche Clinton (Clinton, U.S.A.)

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  1. James
    December 6, 2014

    Hi Dan,

    It is so great to see your artwork included in this collection. I remember how happy I was to receive a calendar from The Arch with your drawing on the front.

    I hope everyone in The Arch Community has a joyful time celebrating our jubilee.

    Peace & All Good,
    L’Arche GWDC
    *once a member of Arch 3