‘The Snow Lady’, Acrylic on paper, 30″ x 36″, 2011

Artist: Jean Wilson

US-LArche_Chicago-Jean_Wilson-Photo_2Jean described this work as inspired by her prayer to God that it would snow, and so, behold, the Snow Lady!

“I paint with acrylics, working on it. I paint neatly. I don’t want to paint sloppy because when I paint sloppy it won’t turn out good. I don’t get mad anymore about it. I like markers. Paint is my favorite medium to work with. I am learning how to mix colors. I see lots of color: Yellow, red, black. I do color stuff. Others do dark stuff. First I draw outlines, then I paint. Sometimes on windows, and sometimes on paper. I like using cardboards and then I can paint. I do collage too.

I am my favorite artist. I want to sell my paintings and learn about drawing people. I wanna keep drawing and get an award. I want to shock them with my art! I want people to remember me when I am nine-hundred-and-ten years old up in heaven.”

L’Arche Chicago (Chicago, U.S.A.)