‘Untitled’, Oil pastels on paper, 43.2 cm x 29.68 cm, 2003

Artist: Bartłomiej Dąbrowski

PL-LArche_Poznan-Bartlomiej_Dabrowski-PhotoBartłomiej Dąbrowski was born on 28.04.1972 in Warsaw. Since 29.08.1997 he has lived at the L’Arche community in Poznań, in a house. Bartek is a person who goes beyond the stereotypical behaviour or thinking. His originality shows in his attitude to language – he talks with everyone.  Bartek likes people who, for him, form one extended family with multiple brothers and sisters.

He is interested in linguistics. He knows words from many languages and often enchants the foreigners. He is keen on Eastern culture, especially Chinese and Japanese cultures. He lives according to his unique sense of time. He is an open person, friendly towards others. He loves everyone.

He is also a co-author of a fresco at our community chapel.

L’Arche Poznan (Poznan, Poland)