‘Winter In the Provinces’, Watercolour, 29.7×42 cm

Artist: Martynas Šimkus

LT-LArche_Betzata-Martynas_Simkus-Photo_1“My name is Martynas. I’m already 50 years old, and so far I feel great. I attend Day Center ‘ Šviesa’, and I live in Čekoniškėse, l’Arche Betzata Community. In the Day Center, I like various activities: woodwork and pottery, painting, candle and textile making, sports, etc. I‘m doing well there. When the inspiration comes, I write some poems. Now I live very well – as I wanted to live.”

L’Arche Betzata (Vilnius, Lithuania)


  1. Chris McGugin
    December 3, 2014

    The snowy details in the trees and on the house reminds me of winters in Northern US. The warm house and snow man are heartwarming.

  2. Mary Ann Zarnick
    May 5, 2015

    Your art work is amazing. Truly an inspiration–reminds me of winter in Erie.