‘L’Arche 50th Jubilee’, Pen on paper, 2014

Artist: Peter D’Cruz

IN-Asha_Niketan_Chennai-Peter_DCrus-PhotoPeter D’Cruz has been a member of Asha Niketan since 1976. He loves drawing and for a long time was a special correspondent for the Letters of L’Arche. He is now in his 60′s and continues to pray faithfully for friends and communities of L’Arche around the world.

L’Arche Asha Niketan (Chennai, India)


  1. Kathy McC.
    December 15, 2014

    Dear Peter. It is so good to see your drawing for the 50th Anniversary.
    Thank you for your wonderful gift of welcome and praying for so many people around the world!

  2. Peter Taylor
    February 4, 2015


    I remember your kindness to Phyllis and me in 1985 when you took me to the railway station very early one morning to buy tickets. It was quite different to what we were used to in Australia!

    Thank you for your gifts of prayer and art. Love and blessings to you and all in the community.