‘Clément’s House’, Markers on paper, 29.5 cm x 42 cm, 2013

Artist: Clément Nicolas

“My name is Clément Nicolas . I am a very curious individual. I really like cars, houses and clothes. I’ve been living at L’Arche les Trois Fontaines since 1973. For a long time people called me Nicolas, believing that this was my first name. But no, Clément is my first name and Nicolas my surname. I’m 64. My birthday is the 11th of July.

Here’s an example to show you how I like looking at the world in an original way:”

Assistant: “Clément, what is Amandine going to do?”

Clément : “She is going shopping. To fill the ‘mini-coach’.”


L’Arche Les 3 fontaines (Ambleteuse, France)