‘Venise in the sun’, felt-tip pen and wax crayon, 42×40 cm , 2013

Artist: Thérèse Faucillon

FR-LArche_en_Anjou-Therese_Faucillon-Photo“My name is Thérèse. I really like to draw. The mare that I’ve drawn is called Venise. I look after her every day. I talk to her and stroke her. She’s always happy to see me. We go out for a ride in the cart with her, amongst the rows of vines. It’s beautiful over there!”

Thérèse has been living at l’Arche en Anjou for 28 years. She lives in the Béthanie home and works at Cèdre. We like Thérèse for her smile, her spirit of service, her thoughtfulness towards others (particularly towards the assistants!) and her 1001 stories…

L’Arche Anjou (Nueil Sur Layon, France)