‘Untitled’, Painting on cloth, 2013        

Artist: Elizabeth Pereyra

AR-El_Arca_Buenos_Aires-Yanet_Elizabeth_Pereyra-PhotoYanet Elizabeth Pereyra is a young woman of 21 years of age who has attended the workshop of L`Arche in Buenos Aires, Argentina since March 2011. She has many talents and likes to draw and sew with great hand skills. She is a member of the council of persons with disability in our community. She has a calm nature and is sometimes shy. She is sweet and loving. The painting presented for the Golden Jubilee Art Exhibition was inspired by the work of artist Rodrigo Suarez. This work was donated by the artist for an auction of artwork that our community participates in, at a major art museum in the capital of Buenos Aires. This is her first work on cloth, and was done in the workshop held by Juan Baffetti, who in 2013 volunteered with his knowledge of drawing and painting.


El Arca Argentina (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

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  1. Gabriel Olivo
    December 3, 2014

    Que precioso cuadroooooooooo eres una artista completa Elizabeth